Counseling & Therapy Services


Among the therapist’s work is to make known what is unknown
to the client in the most caring and clearest language.

In working with adults I use:

  • Counseling for immediate social and emotional situations
  • Therapy for a more thorough examining of issues and conflicts to change patterns of feelings, thoughts and behaviors
  • Jungian psychotherapy using both conscious and unconscious expressions of patterns of feelings, thoughts and behavior, such as in dreams, art and the stories you tell during sessions

I provide therapy sessions online through telehealth: and also in-person sessions.

As a licensed psychotherapist, I accept most insurances.

My office is at 30 Danforth St. Suite 312, Portland Me. 04101.

You can call me at ( 207 ) 846-4880.

Issues I have worked on with clients:

  • depression, anxiety and anger
  • stress, trauma and abuse
  • relationships and work
  • finding meaning and a sense of soul

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